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Sprinkler System Installation & Irrigation Repair in the Tulsa Metro Area

Cost to Install Sprinkler System: $2,500 - $3,000

Affordable Irrigation Tulsa installs lawn irrigation systems in the Tulsa and surrounding areas. We concentrate solely on irrigation installation year around. As a result, our crews are very knowledgeable and specialized in irrigation. We install our systems with very little yard damage, design each system to efficiently water, and provide 1 year warranty on all new systems Call us today to discuss an irrigation system in your yard.

We are members of the Tulsa Better Business Bureau and Tulsa Homebuilders Association. Rainbird, the largest manufacturer of irrigation products, recognizes Affordable Irrigation Tulsa as a Select Contractor and Hunter recognizes us as a Preferred Contractor.

The Irrigation Installation Process

Lawn Irrigation

The Irrigation Quote

We begin by scheduling a time to come out and meet you at your house. We always schedule this at a time when you will be there so that you can meet us and we can meet you. We believe that to really meet our customers needs there needs to be a collaborate working relationship from the beginning. After we gain an understanding of your goals, we will quote a price before we leave. This price is final as we never adjust our price after the initial estimate.

Cost to Install Sprinkler System

Custom Design Your Sprinkler System

Two to three days prior to the installation date, we will schedule a time to meet with you and go over the sprinkler head placement. At this meeting we cover any future plans you have for the yard. We use the information you give us to place the sprinkler heads in places that won't cause you trouble down the road.

Sprinkler System Design


After both of us are on the same page as to the head placement, our crew will begin the installation. Most systems take around 1 day to 1.5 days. Since we will have already met and covered any last questions, you do not need to be around during the installation time. At some point during that time we will need inside the garage. However, that can be scheduled for the very last item.

Drip Irrigation System

Final Meeting and Walkthrough

After our installation crew is finished, we will schedule a time to demonstrate your new sprinkler system. We cover yearly maintenance and upkeep, operation of the sprinkler controller, wintertime procedures, and any other questions you may have. Our goal is that by the time we leave, you will be as much an expert in sprinkler systems as we are!

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