Factors to Consider When Hiring an Irrigation Contractor

If you hire a fencing contractor, odds are you will not contact that contractor again until your fence needs replaced. However, sprinkler systems are more complex. The complexity of sprinkler systems makes it important that homeowners make an informed decision when choosing a contractor.

Sprinkler Contractor is knowledgeable or Area Building Codes

Building codes differ between cities. In Broken Arrow, the contractor must plan for the irrigation back flow to be close to a power outlet. However, in Tulsa, this is not a consideration. Furthermore, in the parts of Broken Arrow and Tulsa that are in Wagoner County there are no building codes in place covering irrigation. For this reason, you must make sure the contractor you hire is aware of the varying requirements across towns. A good way to check this is to call the Broken Arrow or Tulsa building inspections division and verify that the contractor in question is properly registered with the city. If the contractor is not registered, I would suggest choosing another sprinkler company in Tulsa.

Maintenance of Sprinkler System

Sprinkler systems involve water, electricity, underground lines, and indoor mounted controllers. This combination means that every sprinkler system will need maintenance. In many cases the sprinkler will need maintenance before the warranty is expired. Sprinkler companies must be staffed to not only install new irrigation systems but also to maintain irrigation systems they have already installed. Many smaller sprinkler companies only have installation crews and these companies will find it hard to divert resources to maintenance and warranty repair. When you speak with a sprinkler contractor, verify that they are prepared to maintain your new irrigation system.

There are more important factors to consider when hiring a contractor’ however, these two especially important when hiring an irrigation company.

Affordable Irrigation Tulsa Provides Its Customer’s with Peace of Mind.

Several years ago, as a company, we decided to separate the maintenance side of irrigation from the installation side of irrigation. We partnered with a company here in Tulsa that only does sprinkler repair and service. This partnership has enabled us to focus on new installations while our partner handles all the service. Additionally, this has decreased our response time which all our customers have enjoyed.

To ensure we stay on top of the changing municipal guidelines, we have a licensed master plumber on our full-time staff. While most sprinkler companies in Tulsa will subcontract the plumber, we are able to place one one staff. This enables us to complete the city inspections quicker and ensures we are never stuck ‘waiting for the plumber’. Additionally, our plumber stays up-to-date with current regulations so that out installations go smoothly.

Tulsa Sprinkler System

Subjects to Cover With Tulsa Sprinkler System Companies When Getting a Cost Estimate

The “best” way to install an irrigation system is speculative. Irrigation systems can be installed hundreds of different ways. If ten sprinkler companies were to come out and install an irrigation system, it would be installed ten different ways. Every sprinkler company has a different opinion of ‘best practices’ in the irrigation industry. Homeowners who purchase a sprinkler system want to be happy with the contractors performance. Therefore, since opinions on irrigation systems vary so widely, its a good idea to cover a few important concepts when the estimate is done. Covering these topics during the estimate will increase the odds that you will be satisfied with the contractor and insure the contractor does not increase the price of his/her quote.

Future Plans for Property

Plans for additional flowerbeds, less flowerbeds, decks, pools, fences, new trees, removal of trees, etc. etc. should be communicated with the sprinkler company at the time of the estimate. If the contractor is aware of future additions or subtractions to the property they can design the system and install the sprinkler lines so that changes to the sprinkler system are not needed when the plans become reality. By communicating these plans during the estimate, homeowners can avoid spending money to redesign the system in the future.

Placement of the Back flow Preventer

Irrigation systems in Tulsa require a pressure vacuum breaker( PVB) that acts as a back flow prevention device. By code the PVB must be 12 inches above the ground and the sprinkler lines that feed the PVB must be 24 inches deep. From an ease of installation perspective, the contractor will want to install the PVB as close to the water meter as possible (this will save time digging the 2 foot trench). In many cases, since the PVB is unsightly, the contractor chosen location might not be acceptable to the homeowner. Therefore, to avoid a possible disagreement and additional cost, the location of the PVB should be discussed during the estimate.

Location of the Sprinkler System Controller

Sprinkler system controllers are usually placed in the garage and will be connected to the irrigation valves in the yard by copper wire. It is very labor intensive to move an irrigation controller. Not only does the controller need to be remounted but the wires the run under the ground will have to be moved. Therefore, during the estimate, a homeowner should open the garage and let the sprinkler system company know where to install the controller. This will insure you are satisfied with the controller placement.

Affordable Irrigation Tulsa’s Estimates

While some sprinkler companies will drive by your property and leave a quote, the above three examples are the reason that Affordable Irrigation always sets a time to meet with you during the estimate. There are too many variable to a sprinkler system to be able to accurately quote an irrigation system without meeting with the customer.