How to Operate Your New Sprinkler System

Video Tutorials and Owners Manuals are Available on this page.

Since many of us learn differently, we have provided both video tutorials and owners manuals below.

Problems with the Hunter Controller

If you are stuck on the controller, don't feel bad.  Most people have questions about the timer in the beginning.  Download the owners manual or watch the video below

Hunter Controller Manual                              Hunter Video Tutorial

I would like to know how to adjust the rotating heads that water the large areas of the grass.

We use the Rain Bird 5000 series rotary heads. We use the Rain Bird over the Hunter because the trajectory of the spray is not as high and thus is not as affected by the wind.

Rain Bird 5000 Manual                              Rain Bird 5000 Video Tutorial

Some of my spray heads are spraying too far or part of the spray is on the driveway

We install the Hunter Pro Spray with a Rain Bird nozzle. We use the Hunter because the spring that retracts the head back down is stronger than the Rain Bird.

Hunter Pro Spray Manual                              Hunter Pro Spray Video Tutorial

I believe I have a leak, how do I turn the water to the sprinkler off without turning the water to the house off

In the front yard about 12 inches from your water meter is a small round valve box & lid. If you turn the lid 1/2 a turn and pull up it will open. Inside this valve box is a blue valve. Turning this valve 1/2 turn counterclockwise will turn the water to the sprinkler system off without turning the house water off.

Its almost winter time. When should I turn my sprinkler system off and how do I “winterize” it

The decision of when to winterize a sprinkler system is very subjective. Many people like to water deep into the winter. However, as a rule of thumb, if you see the weather is going to get down to 27′ or colder, then the system should be turned off and winterized.

Winterizing Instructions                              Winterizing Video Tutorial

If you still have questions, call us at 918-720-3257 and we will help!