Tulsa Irrigation Installation


When do I pay?

No payments are taken until we are completely done with your system.

How long is the warranty?

Warranty on our systems is 1 year. To download a copy of our warranty click HERE.

Are there any options I need to consider? Is everything included?

No, everything is included in our price. The only option you should consider is a Rain Sensor. A Rain Sensor will automatically shut your system down in the event it rains at the same time your system is scheduled to water. We can add a rain sensor for $175.00.

Will my system need to be winterized?

The Tulsa area plumbing codes require a valve called a ‘back-flow preventer’ to be installed above the ground. For this reason all systems in the Tulsa area should be winterized each year before winter. We can winterize your system for you yearly or you can download instructions to winterize your system HERE.

Does the installation process tear up my yard?

After the installation process is complete, there will be a bare strip 4-5 inches wide. In normal circumstances, the grass will grow over this bare strip within 4-6 weeks.

Yard Irrigation System Installation


Two-days prior to the installation of your system, we will contact Okie811 to mark your yard for underground utilities.

Prior to installation, a representative from Affordable Irrigation Tulsa will schedule a time with you to come to your home and mark the location of all sprinkler heads to be installed. We do this to ensure we design your sprinkler system around any future plans you may have for your property (additional flower beds, decks, fences, pools etc). By designing your system with your future plans in mind we can save you valuable time and money when those plans become reality.

Once we have discussed our sprinkler design with you, we will install your sprinkler system. The installation process normally takes 1 working day.

After installation is complete, we will schedule a time with you to walk you through your system. We will thoroughly cover the operation of your timer, methods to adjust your sprinkler heads, and required maintenance on your system.

Once your system is completed and we have demonstrated your system we will take payment. We take no payment or deposits until we are 100% done

Yard Irrigation System Installation

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