An Overview of Automatic Irrigation System In Yard

Posted on – Nov 03, 2015

Few people possess the time to don the gardening gloves and give the care and attention their landscaping really needs to flourish.

If you have a busy schedule, then having a beautiful garden or lawn may seem impossible. But that’s not true anymore. With yard Irrigation Systems in Tulsa, you can still pursue gardening as a hobby and add beauty and value to your home. These systems irrigate your lawn or yard automatically at regular intervals set by you. They require minimal attention, representing technology at its best. Ideal for those who have a busy work schedule, you won’t have to drag the garden hose around the yard anymore.

These systems can also be used to deliver fertilizer and weed control around the landscaping, which saves a lot of time and effort in feeding plants and grass and digging up weeds. The system’s timer can be set for particular times of the day of particular days of the week. It won’t matter if you forget about your lawn: the irrigation system has it covered. Some systems like the drip irrigation use nozzles that can be targeted to particular points of the landscaping that need more water and you can angle the water exactly where you want it to save money and prevent sidewalks from becoming wet.

All of these systems are usually hidden below the ground and hence they are not seen in the garden. They won’t detract from the beauty of your garden. They do their job and disappear from view. When you have kids and pets playing around in your yard, this may be a better option as hoses can become a tripping hazard, as well as an obstruction for lawn mowers.

Irrigation installation companies in Tulsa can offer a lot of help in setting up your lawn system. However, professional installation costs more than doing the job yourself. But there are options like an affordable irrigation contractor which may solve some of the problem.

Installing irrigation systems on your property involves digging up the yard. All the plumbing installation can take up to two weeks, during which your yard will not be usable. Once it is done the lawn must be repaired, resulting in additional work and cost. If possible, it’s much easier to install irrigation before landscaping. New home owners or those planning a major landscaping renovation should take this route.

Wind completely disorients sprinklers if they are pointed in the wrong direction. Strong winds can end up wetting your driveways instead of your lawns and gardens. Some underground pests and rodents can destroy the water systems and they may not work very efficiently. Repairing an automatic irrigated system is also quite expensive and one may prefer just going back to using a water hose instead.

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