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Reliable Sprinkler Installation & Repair

Reliable Sprinkler Installation & Repair

Affordable Irrigation Winterization Service

Protect Your Sprinkler System Against The Winter

Avoid Expensive Replacements By Winterizing Your Sprinkler System

Below Are Examples of Frozen Backlows With Their Replacement Costs

Frozen PVB Replacement Cost: $550

Frozen RPZ Replacement Cost: $975

Frozen Wilkins Double Check Replacement Cost: $775


Common Questions

1. My sprinkler system has heat tape and/or a bag covering the backflow. Do I still need to winterize my system?

Yes. Heat tape and bags only protect against light freezing — any sort of hard freeze (under 10 degrees) will still cause freeze damage even with heat tape and a bag. Last year was Tulsa’a coldest winter since 1980 and we fixed over 100 backflow preventers that had heat tape and bags installed but had not been winterized.

2. My sprinkler does not have an above ground backflow, do I still need to winterize my system?

Yes. Even though there is not an above-ground portion to your system, the pipes under the ground will still freeze. In reference to Tulsa’s winter last year, our freeze line reached 12 inches. Therefore any pipes that were less than 12 inches deep froze and broke.

3. Do I need to be home?

No. We can winterize your system without you having to be there. We only ask that if you have a gate, you unlock the gates the before you leave. The night before we winterize your sprinkler, you will receive a text message letting you know we will be there the next day. Therefore, you will only need to leave the gate open for the next day.

4. Affordable Irrigation installed my system, do I still need to have it winterized?

Yes. All systems need to be winterized unless you requested we build your system so that you may water during the wintertime. If we designed your system so that you could water during the winter, you do not need to have it winterized. It should be noted that freeze damage is not covered by our installation warranty.


What Other Companies Do

Many companies only “drain” your sprinkler system. They do this by opening up a valve on your backflow preventer and allowing the water to drain out. While this is effective in mild winters, it is not adequate for a harsh winter such as the one we had in Tulsa last year.

Affordable Irrigation’s Process

Blow-Out Service Price: $100

The only way to guarantee that you will not have damage due to freezing is by using compressed air to blow the water out of your system. We use a proprietary connection which we engineered that allows us to connect to ANY sprinkler system. After we connect to your system we use an air compressor to blow all the water out of your system. After we finish blowing your system out, we also check your water meter to ensure your sprinkler shut-off valve is operating correctly and not letting any water seep back into your system. While our Blow-Out Service is more extensive than just draining your system, it is the only method that completely guarantees you will not have any damage to your system due to freezing.

Affordable Irrigation’s Blow-Out Service comes with a 100% guarantee against any freeze damage. Should any damage occur due to freezing, we will replace or repair any damage, free of charge!

Drain Service Price: $75

For those customers who feel they have don’t need a full winterization blow-out, we offer a service in which we only drain the system. It should be noted that if you choose this service, we do not guarantee against freezing.


We make it very easy for you to schedule your winterization. Just fill in the information in the box to the right and you will automatically be placed on our winterization list. The night before we winterize your system, you will receive a text message letting you know we will be there the next day. Please unlock any gates the next morning so we may have access. After we are done, we will leave a note on your door letting you know we have been there. We will also let you know the results of our shut-off valve test. This way you have the peace of mind that your system is ready for the winter. In addition, we will leave you instructions on how to turn your system back on in the spring-time. Keep in mind, we offer a “Turn-On and Check” service in the spring where we will turn your system on and run an entire check to ensure your system is ready for the season. You will receive a text message when spring-time comes for you to sign-up for that service.

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