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Reliable Sprinkler Installation & Repair

Reliable Sprinkler Installation & Repair

When it comes to home improvement projects, it seems like the list of theoretical projects never end. There are probably a million and one different renovations you’d like to make to your home, but it’s just not practical for certain reasons, whether it’s because of time, expenses, or other unorthodox factors.

For many people, outdoor landscape lighting falls into this category. In this blog post, we’re going to make an argument as to why outdoor landscape lighting shouldn’t be counted among that list of projects you want to do but never will. In fact, outdoor landscape lighting is beneficial for several reasons. Here is why you should consider outdoor landscape lighting in your yard:

It’s A Good Return On Investment

One of the first questions that anybody asks when pursuing a home improvement project is “how will this affect the value of my home?” It’s a good question — some projects cost a mountain of money and hardly add to the resale value of the home, leaving homeowners wondering if it’s even worth the cost.

As it turns out, outdoor landscape lighting does a lot of favors for your home’s curb value. Your home is, of course, more aesthetically pleasing, making it more attractive to certain buyers, and all but guaranteeing you’ll have more people coming to check out your home than they would otherwise (if your house was up for sale).

Statistically, 95% of every dollar you spend on landscape lighting is returned with the sale of the house. In terms of home projects, you could do a lot worse than landscape lighting.

It’s A Form Of Security For Your Home

While your outdoor landscape lights aren’t going to fire laser arrays, turn into defensive robots, or sound loud alarms, data shows that they do actually help to deter home invaders. It’s not hard to see why. First off, landscape lights make your entire yard much more illuminated, making it hard for a would-be-criminal to sneak about. Secondly, landscape lights give off the appearance that whoever lives in the house is home — even if you’re not.

On average, outdoor-lit houses are fifteen times less likely to be broken into than normal home. Can’t argue with those odds.

It Looks Nice

Let’s not forget the most obvious benefit — outdoor landscape lighting just looks nice! It’s amazing what some well-placed lights can do to your yard. They can make it more friendly at night, highlight and draw attention to the most standout parts of your outdoor area, and bring a sense of organization.

People tend to feel at ease in areas that are aesthetically pleasing and clean, and if you’ve installed outdoor landscape lighting, it’ll go a long way into helping your home truly feel like a home — an area that is warm, inviting, and cozy.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting In Tulsa

If you’re in the Tulsa area, we can help you to set up an outdoor landscape lighting system. Not only that, but we’ll personally work with you on the design, creating something that’s endorsed by professionals, but tailored to fit your specific look and needs. Starting your outdoor landscape lighting project is easy. All you have to do is contact us today!

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