Your sprinklers aren’t the only important component of your yard. Outdoor landscape lighting can be an incredible asset to your outdoor area, and at Affordable Irrigation, we offer extensive outdoor landscape lighting to our numerous clients in the Tulsa and Broken Arrow area.

The key to good landscape lighting is knowing what kinds of lights to use, where they would be best implemented, and how to efficiently set everything up so your outdoor lighting system is organized and effective. At Affordable Irrigation Tulsa, we can do all of those things. After you call us, we know you’ll be happy with your amazing outdoor lighting setup.

  1. Why Your Yard Needs Outdoor Landscape Lighting

    When it comes to home improvement projects, it seems like the list of theoretical projects never end. There are probably a million and one different renovations you’d like to make to your home, but it’s just not practical for certain reasons, whether it’s because of time, expenses, or other un…Read More