DIY Sprinkler System Service, Tulsa OK

DIY Sprinkler Service

Considering A DIY Sprinkler System?

Affordable Irrigation can help with a DIY Sprinkler System! We take the headache out of a DIY sprinkler system by designing the system layout, ordering the correct parts, and providing technical support through your project. If you’re in the Tulsa or Broken Arrow area and are interested in saving money while installing a sprinkler system, Affordable Irrigation’s DIY Sprinkler Service is the path to take.

DIY Sprinkler System Design

Once you call and schedule an appointment, one of the owners of Affordable Irrigation Tulsa will come out to your property and professionally design your system. We will design it as if we were going to install the system ourselves. There are several services that will design your sprinkler system if you send in the dimensions of your lot, but these services “over-design”. An “over-designed” system has too many sprinkler heads, too many valves, and costs too much in the end.

When we design your yard, we will ask about your future plans, your past watering habits, and your expectations for your future sprinkler system. Once we have an understanding of the type of system you want, we will design it by placing marking flags where each sprinkler head is to be located. Each zone will be color coordinated so that laying the sprinkler pipe will be a breeze. We will also give you our opinion on the best placement of the shut-off valves, backflow preventers, zone valves, and sprinkler timer. We use a combination of marking flags and paint to ensure you have a clear picture of the job ahead.

DIY Sprinkler System Parts Order

The one thing in common with almost all DIY projects is the ’20 trips’ you have to take to Home Depot because you don’t quite have everything you need. Once we have designed your system we will know exactly what you will need to install your sprinkler system based on our 13 years of experience in the sprinkler trade. We will call our suppliers and place your order for you. Therefore, not only will you be provided with just the right amount of material to complete your project, you will be able to buy from the supply house at our cost, and the suppliers will deliver all the pipe, fittings, heads, glue, wire, and timer to your home. That’s right! Not only are you able to buy cheaper than you normally would be able to, but the parts are delivered free to your door.

DIY Sprinkler System Technical Support

Should you run into difficulties during the installation, you are free to call our office and we will walk you through any problems or answer any questions you may have. We always assign the designer of your system as your technical support contact so he will be familiar with your yard when you call. Affordable Irrigation makes a hard DIY sprinkler system EASY.


We charge $150 for the design, the order, and the technical support. However, since you are able to purchase from our supply house at our prices, a normal customer will save $150 in raw material costs, trips to the store, and not to mention the frustration involved.


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