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Reliable Sprinkler Installation & Repair

Reliable Sprinkler Installation & Repair


What Does My Yard Look Like When We Are Done Installing A Lawn & Garden Sprinkler System?​

Affordable irrigation specializes in residential sprinkler system repair and installation. Therefore, we have supplied our crews with equipment that do as little damage as possible to your yard. Our trenchers are custom designed to cut trenches that are smaller. A normal trencher will cut a trench that is 6 inches wide, while our trenchers cut trenches that are only 3-4 inches wide. This causes less disruption to your yard. In normal growing conditions, Bermudagrass will grow back over the trenches in 5-8 weeks.

If you have a yard that is fescue, you may use fescue seed over the trench lines. The fescue seed will take root within 3-4 weeks and you will not notice your trench lines.

After we have installed your system your yard may experience trenches that sink. If this happens, we will come back out and level your trenches free of charge.

What Are Some Of The Advantages Of Using Affordable Irrigation Tulsa?​

To begin with, we value your satisfaction above everything else. We have developed processes that limit the risk of a misunderstanding. However, occasionally something happens, and we always stand behind our work. This is evidenced by our high ratings on Google, Yelp, Home Advisor, and Angie’s List.

Additionally, from a technical point, sprinkler systems are made of PVC pipe. There are different strengths of glue sold for PVC pipe. We use the strongest glue on the market when we install our sprinkler systems. To our knowledge, we are the only ones in Tulsa that do this.

We do not take any payments or deposits until we are completely done, because we do not believe in giving a contractor money before he has done the work requested. For this reason, we try to put you at ease knowing you don’t have to pay until you are satisfied with our work.

Is There A Permit Required To Install A Sprinkler System?​

It is dependant on the city and location where your house is located. If your house is located in an area that requires a permit, we file all necessary paperwork. The cost of the permit is included in your price.

Included in the cost of the permit is the cost of our plumber. Most cities require a plumber to make the water line connection. We use Preston’s Plumbing. He can be reached at 918-312-3592.

What Are The Warranties On Your New Sprinkler Installations, Sprinkler Repairs, And Outdoor Landscape Lights?​

Our warranty for our new sprinkler systems is two years. Our warranty for our sprinkler repairs last for one year.

Our landscape lighting warranties cover your bulbs for ten years and your fixtures and wiring for five.

It should be noted that if you do not turn your sprinkler system off at the meter and take the appropriate steps to “winterize” your sprinkler system, it will not be covered under warranty.

When Do I Pay? Do I Have To Pay A Deposit?​​

We take no payment or deposits until the job is complete. We want you to have complete confidence that we will finish your project on time and on budget.

Therefore, we do not believe you should have to pay until you are completely satisfied with our work. For this reason, you are not required to pay anything until we are 100% done with your new sprinkler system, sprinkler repair, or landscape lighting project.

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