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Reliable Sprinkler Installation & Repair

Reliable Sprinkler Installation & Repair

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Affordable Irrigation Tulsa’s Sprinkler System Help Page

We Have Included Instructional Videos And The Factory Manuals For All Your Major Irrigation Components. However, If You Do Not Find The Answer You Are Looking For, Please Call The Office Immediately.

I Have A Hunter X-Core Controller. How Do I Operate The Controller?

We have a beginner and advanced original factory manual below. Also, we have a Frequently Asked Questions page that we have compiled based on our past customers’ experiences. We recommend you start with the videos and the manual and then read the Controller FAQ Post.

I Have The Smart Controller (Rachio). Can You Tell Me How To Set It Up And Its Usage Once That Is Done?​

We recommend our customers install a Smart Controller. The Smart Controller will check
both current and future rain conditions to decide if the system needs to run. Each time the
system is scheduled to water it will connect via the internet to the nearest weather station.
When it connects it receives the following information from the station.

  1. Rain – if it is currently raining, has rained in last 24 hours, or has a 90% or above
    chance of raining that day it will skip the watering cycle.
  2. Temperature – if the temperature is 96’ or above it will water 30% more than you
    have set. If the temperature is 76’ or below it will water 30% less. If the
    temperature is 36’ or below, it will skip watering.
  3. Wind- if the wind is over 20 MPH, it will keep checking the conditions and only
    water when the wind dies down.

The Smart Controllers are designed to only water when you need. Therefore, you water bill
will be lower by not watering when it is not needed. The SAVES YOU MONEY!

Do I Need To “Winterize” Or Do Anything Before Winter Arrives?​

Yes, for those sprinklers that have an above-ground backflow, the sprinkler system must be turned off and drained. You need to go to your water meter and look for the circular green box that is right beside your water meter. Inside, there will be a valve that you should turn a half turn. This turns the water to your sprinkler system off. Then, you should go to your backflow and turn both the “test cocks” with a screwdriver. These cocks stick out of the side of the backflow and require a flat head screwdriver. After you have opened both of these, go to your sprinkler system and turn the timer to run one manual cycle.

While this is adequate for most winters, a hard winter will still freeze your system. For this reason, we recommend you run compressed air through the system. You can do this with an air compressor and a 1/4 inch male adaptor. If you can’t do this, we recommend you call us and we will winterize your system.

For systems that do not have an above-ground backflow, you need to turn the valve off that is right by the water meter.

It should be noted that if we do not winterize your sprinkler system, the freeze damage is not covered under warranty.

How Do I Adjust My Rain Bird Rotory Sprinkler Heads? These Are The Heads That Water The Large Grass Area And “Rotate” Around.

How Do I Adjust The Hunter Spray Heads. These Are The Sprinkler Heads That Water The Small Areas And Flower Beds That Are Stationary.

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