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Reliable Sprinkler Installation & Repair

Reliable Sprinkler Installation & Repair

Sprinkler System Repair

Lawn Sprinkler System Repair In The Tulsa Area

Affordable Irrigation Tulsa Sprinkler System

Affordable Irrigation Tulsa can repair your sprinkler system whether you have a Hunter system, a Rain Bird System, a Weathermatic system or an off-brand that was installed by the previous homeowner. Our irrigation technicians carry current problem detection tools to enable us to diagnose and repair your irrigation system promptly. Also, our sprinkler system repair vehicles carry parts to correct any problem on their trucks without having to make a trip to the store.

We back each repair with a one-year warranty to ensure you have complete confidence that once we fix the problem, it will remain fixed.

GPS Enabled Sprinkler Repair Vehicles

We equip our sprinkler system repair vehicles with GPS so that we can accurately track the time spent on your repair. Also, we have a dedicated dispatch employee that keeps you up-to-date and informed on all aspects of your sprinkler system repair. If circumstances arise where you must reschedule, our dispatch department will be happy to find another time that will be more convenient.

Your Yard’s Sprinkler Repair History

We want to be your sprinkler system repair specialist both now and in the future. To help repair your system today and make it more economical to maintain your system in the future, we use an operation software named Razorsync. Razorsync allows us to keep a detailed history of all the work done on your system. The first time we work on your system, we input detailed notes about your sprinkler system into Razorsync. Then, with each repair, we update those records so that we have a history of every job. This ongoing log allows us to quickly make well-informed decisions to maintain your sprinkler system.

The Sprinkler System Repair Process

  1. Call and speak to us or use the Online Booking Tool to schedule a repair. Since most sprinkler controllers are in the garage, we request that you schedule a time when you can be at home when the repairman arrives. Once our technician goes through the system and detects the problem, you are free to leave if you wish.
  2. When we complete the sprinkler repair, our dispatch team will contact you to relay the specifics of what has been repaired. For sizable irrigation repairs, one of the owners will meet you to demonstrate the work performed. For smaller repairs, the repairman will accept your payment or we can send you an invoice via email which you can pay with a credit card online.
  3. If at any time after the repair is completed, you find our work did not meet your expectations, we will send a technician free of charge to correct any problems. Your satisfaction and return business is our goal.


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Sprinkler Repair


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