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Reliable Sprinkler Installation & Repair

Reliable Sprinkler Installation & Repair

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New Sprinkler System Installations In Tulsa

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Our goal is to ensure you become a satisfied customer of Affordable Irrigation Tulsa. We strive to make sure you are informed about your sprinkler system installation before the job begins, and we continue to update you and keep you apprised as the new irrigation installation continues. We want you to feel completely comfortable hiring us for your irrigation needs. Therefore, we do not take any payments or deposits until the job is 100% complete.


The owners of Affordable Irrigation have gained their irrigation knowledge through the installation of 4,000 sprinkler systems. Using our experience we have chosen a standard set of sprinkler parts for our customers. By using a standard set of parts, we can provide our customers better “after-the-sale” service because every one of our customers have the same parts. You can view our parts list, and you can learn how to operate each of those parts. We do not use parts from a single manufacturer. Rather, we have chosen parts from manufacturers based on their characteristics for Tulsa weather, their “user-friendliness,” and their reliability.



When you call for an estimate, we will set an appointment to come to your house and meet you personally. At the appointment, we will learn about your yard, explain our sprinkler installation process, and answer any questions you may have. Meeting you personally gives us a chance to understand the expectations you have for your new sprinkler system. Also, we can learn about any plans you have for your property which might affect the installation of your new sprinkler system. At this estimate, we will give you a firm price for your system. We do not deviate from this quote.


Sprinkler system installation is a theoretical trade. If ten guys were to install a sprinkler system in the same yard, you would have sprinkler heads in ten different places. Affordable Irrigation Tulsa believes that the communication between the contractor and the homeowner is more critical in sprinkler system installation than in any trade. For this reason, after you have accepted our bid, we arrange another meeting where we design your sprinkler system with you. We want to combine our sprinkler system installation expertise with your knowledge of your yard to layout the perfect system. We bring different colored flags to denote the distinct zones that we will install. At the end of this meeting, you will know where we will place each sprinkler head. Also, you will understand how your yard is zoned and which sprinkler heads water each zone.

The goal of this meeting is to take something that is speculative and make it transparent. At the end of this discussion, we know exactly what sprinkler system we are to install, and you as the customer know exactly what will be installed. Since we do not take any deposits or payments until the sprinkler installation is complete, our goal is to get it right the first time. This design meeting is crucial to that goal.


After we design your irrigation system together, we are ready to install your new irrigation system. For a standard sized yard, a sprinkler system installation takes between one and one-and-a-half days. However, should you have any questions during the installation process, we will not only be available by phone but we also have an operations manager that will be on site during your installation. We strive to make the installation process as effortless and transparent as possible.


After the sprinkler system installation is complete, one of the owners will meet with you to go over your new sprinkler installation. We will make sure you know how to operate your sprinkler system, adjust your sprinkler heads, and what steps to take when winter comes. We will make sure you are one hundred percent satisfied with our work.


Payment for your new sprinkler system is due only after we have quality checked your sprinkler system and ensured you are satisfied with our work. We take Personal Checks, Visa, MasterCard, American Express & Discover Card.

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